Review Of Domino’s New Pizza Recipe

New Domino's Recipe Review

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Two days after Christmas Domino’s officially began selling pizzas made with their newly revamped recipe.  The marketing campaign boasts a better sauce, cheese and crust.  Although you might be interested in how it stacks up against the old recipe, you probably haven’t jumped at the opportunity.  Luckily for you, I have a taste for bad food, a lightning fast metabolism, and I’m a workout warrior who can burn anything off.  I put down two of these large pies so you wouldn’t have to and I’m ready to share my findings.

The Recipe

New Domino's Box

The box explains the new recipe.

The new pizza box itself gives you an idea of what’s in store for you.  If you believe what you read you will be treated to:

  • 100% mozzarella with a hint of provolone
  • A new sauce with spicy red pepper
  • A garlic-seasoned buttery crust
    Well all of that sounds delicious, they have me on board.  Let’s open the box up and get a look at this thing.

Oh Snap, Guess What I Saw?!

Large Domino's Pizza

Shorty is not a ten.

Luckily when it comes to food, first impressions mean nothing, it all comes down to the taste test.  Visually I was absolutely disappointed.  I suggest you head over to the Domino’s website and compare the image on the front page to what you see here.  After days of having the website image in my head, I felt bamboozled when I saw this unappetizing piece of crap in front of me.  It even appeared to be smaller than I hoped it would be.  But let’s give it a taste.

The Crust

Domino's Pizza Crust

Crust seasoning you can see.

I had a feeling that the crust would be a homerun because the breadbowls from their Pasta Breadbowls are delicious.  Same thing with this new pizza crust.  Think of a seasoned breadstick used as a pizza crust.  You can clearly see the garlic/parm seasoning in the picture and you’ll also be pleased to know that it’s hit with butter.  I thought I was imaging this at first but each slice honestly gets better as you work your way towards the crust.

‘Got Any Cheeeeeese?’

Domino's Pizza Close-Up

Close-up look at the pie.

Before trying out the new recipe I talked to some people on what they thought about the old recipe.  Pretty much everyone, myself included, agreed that the cheese was never an issue with old Domino’s pizza.  It wasn’t spectacular but they had more to worry about than just the cheese.
Not much has changed with the new recipe.  I expected a more pronounced flavor from the provolone blend but it really doesn’t stand out.

The Sauce

Domino's Pizza Slice

A single slice.

Can food be described as gimmicky?  Because that’s the first word that came to mind when I got a lick of the new sauce.  As promised, they have spiced the sauce up a bit.  But the result is something that tastes exactly like a sauce you’d get in a package of frozen mozzarella sticks, or sauce you would receive with an order of breadsticks to dip in.  It’s tasty, but I just don’t know if a pizza is the right venue for it.  Save it for the breadsticks.

Blindsided By The Bottom

Domino's Pizza Bottom

Don't look down!

I expected to only have three focuses: the outer crust, the cheese and the sauce.  But while eating the pizza I was completely blindsided by the bottom of the pizza.  Look at the picture I took.  At the very least you expect to see cornmeal on the bottom.  This pizza has nothing covering the bottom at all.  I’m not using hyperbole when I say that it feels like cardboard when your tongue touches the bottom of a slice.  The underside of this pizza was an unexpected bumout.

A Surprise

Domino's Pizza Buttery Crust

Buttery goodness is visible.

Domino’s played up the garlic-butter crust, and I’m already fond of their Pasta Breadbowls which are drenched in butter.  So I should have been prepared for what I was going to see, but I was still surprised when I saw the butter sauce soaked into the crust with my eyes.  You know it’s seriously buttery when you can see the butter on a cross-section of the pizza.  This was an unexpected treat which helps let me look past the cardboard base this pie is built on.

Final Review

  • If you’re having Domino’s, the crust is worth the price of admission.
  • The new cheese and sauce are closer to lateral moves, not upgrades.
  • Overall better than the OG recipe.
  • Although better, still not as good as your favorite hometown pizza shop.

36 Responses to “Review Of Domino’s New Pizza Recipe”

  • real talk: this looks terrible

  • Jason – Thanks for trying the new pizza! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I do some work with Domino’s and wanted to let you know that if you’re not a fan of the new sauce you can still get the old one. Next time you place an order, just ask for “Hearty Marinara” and they will make it with that instead.

  • Drew, thanks for the read. I did notice when ordering online that you have the option to substitute ‘New Robust Tomato Sauce’ with ‘Hearty Marinara Sauce’.

  • Years ago I worked at a Domino’s. I can confirm that they use cornmeal when they are working the dough. The pizza is cooked on a pizza screen – great for baking really, but if the temp is too high, you get the nasty cardboard look.
    My favorite item always was the cheesy bread… buttery cheesy garlic goodness.

  • Why is it so hard to make pizza? After reading your blog, all I keep thinking is that I dont want my pizza to taste like bread sticks, I want it to taste like pizza, not sure why that is so hard. If you ever go to NYC, not many ppl order fast food pizza, because the little guys do it better. Just make pizza please.
    p.s. nice job on the review

  • The new Domino’s Pizza -

    Crust – still the same, but with garlic flavor (in other words, insipid white bread plus bad breath).
    Sauce – about the same, but with some red pepper spiciness (spicy with sugar but not much other flavor).
    Overall – more soggy than before, less flavor noticeable in toppings and cheese – perhaps overwhelmed by garlic and sugar.
    If you liked it before – you probably won’t like it now.
    If you didn’t like it before – you probably won’t like it any better now.
    Summary – total waste of their time, and I’m less likely to order any now than before.

  • Well, ordered it at work one day and I thought their new pizza was fabulous! Compared to the old recipe that is. Then I ordered it from the dominos near my house and guess what? Could not even finish ONE piece… Ok, what’s up? Well, after some research it appears that their new marketing campaign is heavy on promotion and VERY light on quality assurance, each and every dominos makes the pizza different!!! wow… just wow… The number 1 rule in franchising is CONSISTENCY! Without it all the promotion in the world is worthless… just like the new pizza.

  • Long night of studying for finals – not many options at midnight, so went back to Domino’s after YEARS of swearing the blah stuff off. First off – LOVE LOVE the sauce and the garlic crust kick – it woke me up and had me pleasantly surprised. Ok – here is the bad side of the review – Besides the unnecessary burnt tops on ALL of the 3 I ordered (gotta love the 555 deal!), Domino’s can in no way make a Mediterranean pizza – they may TRY with the new ingredients, but really – they suck at it. The feta was rubbery and tasteless, the “fresh” tomatoes were actually canned stuff, the spinach was burnt, and the black olives were thin – but really no different than before. I remembered the web-ad on their website trying to knock Papa Johns, but, um – naahhhh. They are still Domino’s – just kickier, but in NO WAY are they as bistro as Papa Johns, not worth the bottle of wine I cracked open for it. Still my last resort, sorry guys…

  • I love these, real review, no sponsor action. Plus, you just saved me a fortune as I would have had to pay for a family of four to get card-boarded, that always hurts.

    Cool Post!

  • My reaction to the new Domino’s Pizza is: Papa John’s. The new pizza is seriously nasty. The crust oozes butter-flavored grease, the sauce is far too sweet, and the cheese is totally unremarkable. I wasn’t a fan before, but my kids like it, so every so often we order it as a treat for them. I could stand the old recipe, which was merely bland, but not the makeover, which tastes bad and is worse for you, thanks to the greasy crust. Luckily their Girl Scout troop ordered Papa John’s for their last pizza party, and the kids ate it without complaint. We have a winner, but it’s not Domino’s.

  • We must find out what ingrediants are in the special butter dominos is using i have heard that it contains an addictive chemical!! If thats what they put in their pizza (other stuff), they know their pizza just isn’t good. Next time you go in order a pizza ask to read the ingrediants, if they nothing to hide they will show you. Just asking????

  • where are u guys from? in the northeast, ny, nj, pa we rarely order pizza from pizza hut, papa johns, or dominos, we consider those types of pizza fake

  • I tried subbing with “Hearty Marinara” and it tasted just like it’s name—spaghetti sauce, not pizza sauce. It even smelled like spaghetti as I drove the pie home. I don’t recall the old sauce tasting like that. Not a good substitute if you don’t like the new sauce.

  • I stopped eating Dominos 20 years ago because it was so bad. Tried the new one for kicks. OMG it sucks worse than the old. NEVER again will I order Dominos. Don’t know why I bothered.

  • I used to work for DPZ and from time to time it would come up that their pizza wasn’t that great. Their mentality was…you don’t like our Pizza, we don’t like you working for us. Corporate never asked, “what’s wrong with it, why don’t you like it.” That left a bad taste in my mouth. So as you can imagine, I was surprised to see the change come along (but I have my theories behind the timing in that). I had to give it a try…so we ordered it for my kids b-day party. I forgot how expensive DPI was thought I’d be able to get a way cheaply. OMG! WAY OVERPRICED!!!! Honestly, the crust was tasty but too greasy, the cheese was still bad and the sauce was too spicy. Some of the kids ate it, but most did not. Overall, still crap pizza. I like my mom and pop pizza way better and for the most part, they are CHEAPER.

  • jesus christ that Papa Johns horseshit chain gets their ingredients from the same exact supplier as Domino’s, I used to work for both, they happened to be right down the street from one another, supply truck stopped first at dominos and headed down the street to papa johns.

    they both taste like ass, papa johns is slightly different but not by much.

  • their new crust is nasty and while you can request the old one, the chances of actually getting a crust without that nasty garlic butter slathered all over it are slim. The last 3 orders from different locations all had that stuff on it. Ugh. Done with Domino’s until they make some changes.

    I tried to feed it to my dog last time it came with the garlic butter, he started to eat it and then spit it out. I wish I had video’d it, because that is our reaction as well :(.

  • To the one who replied about feeding to a dog. Please know that onions and garlic(all forms, including powdered) are toxic to dogs, as are chocolate, grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts… actually, there are many more.. please dont feed human food to dogs, as most contain something that is poison to them.. If you dont believe me, google it, or better yet, check with your vet..
    sorry to be off topic, but had to say something.

    I too think dom’s is waaaay nasty.. if it matters.. :)

  • I ordered it right after they changed with no idea. Let me first start by saying 1) I hate garlic and 2) I hate butter (In forms that arent mixed in, stuff like crust or sauce is fine).

    So to my utter dissapointment when I opened my pie box, i see this nasty garlicly butter crust and didnt want to touch it.

    You can request that they don’t but it on, but I do evert time and sometimes they still do, makes it a real pita to deal with.

    I ordered a pizza a month ago, requested no buttergarlic on the crust. Got the pizza, paid for it, checked it in the kitchen and said FUUUUUUUUU. Called up dominos said hey my pizza has this I ordered it without. They said no problem, and sent me another, AND IT HAD THE GARLIC BUTTER ON IT AGAIN WTF.

    So I took it back the next day and they made me a fresh one with no butter sauce on it at least.

  • What the Hell – FRESH tomatoes my ass! NASTY NASTY NASTY !

  • Nerver Domino Again

    Tried one of the new ones last week. Without a doubt, the worst tasting pizza I ever tasted. So tangy and spicey, gave me the worst case of acid reflux EVER. Majority of it went into the garbage (pizza did, reflux when down the toilet!)

    Reminds me of Coca-cola many years ago. Changed their recipe for coke after nearly a hundred years or so, then had to bring it back because the new one sucked. Oh well, my last Domino’s pizza EVER will be memorable for sure, but not in a good way.

  • I love how everyone is taking out their unhappiness on this poor pizza. i had the new Dominos pizza today and i LOVED it. Ive never really liked Dominos pizza before, but now w/ this new recipe, i’m totally hooked. I still love Papa Johns too (and I’m admitting that, so clearly i’m not bias) so it’ll be back and forth for me with the 2 different companies just to change things up. Here’s what i love about the new dominos recipe: crust is more flavorfull and has a better texture, sauce is just better, cheese blend is perfecto. i dont know why people are complaining about greasiness.. i mean what did you expect? did u not know that fast food delivery pizza is kinda greasy and not very healthy? i mean seriously. i cant think of a time when i ordered a non-greasy pizza. baking cheese leads to grease. and im just being straight up, this new dominos pizza i just had wasnt actually all that greasy, suprisingly, but i wouldnt have been mad if it had been.

  • well the dominos near my house makes the pizza right not too much of anything and not too little of anything else

  • WOW you guys are serious HATERS lol. Pizza Hut use to be my
    #1 favorite! Domino’s didn’t even make the list because they were
    so horrible! Now, they’ve completely did a 180. The pizza sauce is
    SO incredibly good, so is the crust, cheese and toppings! I order
    from them all the time and now Pizza Hut is off my list. I ordered
    Pizza Hut pasta about a month ago and I threw it away after 1
    serving. Domino’s put Pizza Hut to shame! I really love the new
    recipe and I think you all should at LEAST give it a try before you
    go around hating like that lol.

  • Ordered a 6 sliced size of pepperoni and cheese topping
    First ever I tried Domino pizza – it was terrible – canned tomatoes
    and very bland taste! Purchased in Fayetteville NC There will be no
    second try.

  • Respected sir,

    First off, I would like to congratulate you on your ebullient review of the pizza. One thing is clear -> IT SUCKS!

    I would like to make a recommendation at this point. Please try the Wisconsin Pizza, Thin Crust, extra tomato sauce.

    I am confident this will replenish your belief in the Domino’s Pizza way!



  • I actually really like the new pizza. Big fan of garlic, so the new garlicky crust is awesome. Sauce is a little spicier, and hell, I love spicy sauce too (sucker for an arriabatta)!

    I used to hate Domins pizza, so for me, this was a huge upgrade that I actually choose over the local joints now. Way less greasy than the mom & pop shops and always consistently good. Works for me.

  • Domino’s are among my top three choices of pizza delivery. I tried the new pizza and can say I enjoyed the flavor twist.

  • There’s a reason why people go to Domino’s and even better, to Little Caeser’s. Price. Generally speaking, you can get a largish pizza with several toppings for several dollars less than a large cheese pie at most mom and pop shops. Heck, you can get unlimited pizzas at LC for $5 each every day and for that price, it’s the best pizza in the world. Even Pizza Hut’s gotten in on the value game.

  • So heres the lowdown , I loathed dominos up till last night. I’ve worked for pizzahut and papa johns before as a pizza delivery driver.

    I liked both their pizzas (papa johns more so than pizzahut) But my father wanted to order a pizza cause we had a long day hunting and he lives in a little po-dunk town called yelm where there is no papa johns yet. So I agreed and to my dismay dominos driver showed up. I said “blah” and payed up and tipped of course.

    So to the official review. The pizza was good (my father said it was salty to him, but than again he ordered an extravaganza which has 3-4 salty meats on it) But being a pizza enthusiast I rather enjoyed it, there crust has gotten 100% better than the old cardboard that they had, the cheese was good, the sauce was tasty. The one KILLER for me was 25 dollars for a xl large pizza….. The topping portions didn’t match the bill…. I understand more toppings take longer to cook, And if that is the case than they need to slowdown the oven and lower the temp to cook it properly. Or simply lower the price.

    My G/f enjoyed the garlicy crust, my father hated it, I thought it was good.

  • The sauces just seem to be peppered up, which I don’t really care for. I’d rather a more tomatoy /olive oil, basil flavor rather than the pepper bite. The new crust is much better. In my area the quality is hit or miss. The vegetarian sandwhich is pretty darn good. Pizza-still below average.

  • The new pizza is no good. The garlic crust and sauce combo is disgusting and, when reheated, literally smells like stomach acid after someone throws up. It has that sharp stinging smell reminicent of a sour pine tree smell. Gross. The cheese is no good. It does not get stringy and buttery when hot and stretched (like Pizza Hut cheese lovers used to in the 90′s before they went downhill), it just fractures like the old cheese. Also it’s fairly tasteless. If you are hard pressed to get Dominos, get the Brooklyn crust with marinara sauce or some sort of white sauce. Their Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch on Brooklyn crust is good. Their oven toasted sandwiches are very good. Avoid the Buffalo Chicken pizza at all costs, the cheddar on top burns before the pizza cooks and the cook times are all wrong. Check out Wal Mart’s “World Table” frozen pizzas for under $6, they’re suprizing good for frozen and theres no delivery fee or tip.

  • you guys are tripping, i just ate dominoes tonight, got the pepperoni and olive and a Chicken bacon BBQ pizza and they were off the hook. its pizza.

    what more can you say,
    i actually like the new sauce and crust.
    just haven’t had good customer service where i am from.
    damn dominoes got my order wrong a few times, when i complained they offered me a free pizza. after getting my pizza i got attitude one of the workers tried to show me the pizza with lid off and shoved it nearly in my face while a worker in the back cut the lights on me. i was pissed off and worried to feed it to my children afraid of what they put in it.

    after that i went a good 1/2- 1 year without eatting dominoes.
    but thought i’d get it tonight cause it was close to my place and i just got out of surgery. i recommend dominoes its not the best and not the worst.

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