MW2 Akimbo Model 1887 Patch Explanation And Work-Around

Akimbo Model 1887 MW2

If you’ve played Modern Warfare 2 online you’ve probably been in a lobby with Level 67-70 players, and have been absolutely owned by the double shotguns they run around with.  These are the Akimbo Model 1887′s and you’ve probably heard that they were patched to be less effective.  If you follow the scene you may have even heard that there is  a work-around to use the Akimbo Models as they were pre-patch.

In-game last night I was surprised by the number of people who were confused about this subject so I am going to set the record straight once and for all.

What You Need To Know
1. The Akimbo Model 1887′s were patched to be less effective.
2. The Model 1887′s can still be used exactly like they were pre-patch.

So What’s The Work-Around?
The work-around is simple.  Use Bling Pro in your first perk slot and apply Akimbo and FMJ.  Your Model 1887′s now have the same range as they were pre-patch.  ModernWarFAIL2 Blog and nearly every gaming forum have posted this work-around.

Huh?  How Does FMJ Affect Range?
Quite simply, FMJ doesn’t affect range.  It gives greater bullet penetration and nothing else.  Although ModernWarFAIL2 gave the work-around, they failed themselves to explain WHY this works.
The work-around has nothing to do with FMJ.

Most people imagine that the weapons are programmed like this, where each gun has a base entry and then the damage numbers would change depending on the attachment:
(I just made these damage numbers up for the sake of a visual)

Ranger 40-30
M1014 50-40
Model 1887 60-50

In reality it looks more like this inside of the game, every combination has its own entry with its own values:
(One again, made up numbers)

Model 1887 40-30
Model 1887/Akimbo 80-60
Model 1887/Bling/Akimbo/FMJ 80-60

So when the Infinity Ward programmers were told to lower the values of the Akimbo Model 1887′s, they literally altered those values, but ONLY those values.  They completely overlooked that Model 1887 + Bling + Akimbo has its own values.  This was a programming oversight, something I thought ModernWarFAIL2 blog would have been salivating at the prospect of roasting.

FMJ has nothing to do with range, and has nothing to do with this work-around.  Bling is the reason why this works.  It just happens that shotguns have only two possible attachments, Akimbo and FMJ.  FMJ is being used so people jumped to the conclusion that it was the reason the work-around works.  But now you know that isn’t the case.

My Advice Regarding The Models
I say get to Level 67 as fast as you can and have fun with the pre-nerfed Akimbo Models while you still have the chance.  I’ll be shocked if they’re not patched properly in the next update.  If you see someone named barrow running around with them you know who it is.  Bling Bling.  (That’s a B.G. reference, look it up.)

20 Responses to “MW2 Akimbo Model 1887 Patch Explanation And Work-Around”

  • I think I prefer the rangers to the models right now. Having to use Bling pro takes away sleight of hand pro, and the models have to reload often.

  • Instead of wasting a blue perk on Bling, when you should be using Marathon or Scavenger, use Stopping Power and Akimbo instead of Akimbo+ FMJ. Sure, you may be giving up Lightweight, but you can still sprint forever with Marathon. Put an SMG as your primary, and add Steady Aim/Ninja, and you’ve got yourself a deadly class.

  • ive just unlocked the models with akimbo and fmj- im using stopping power and steady aim and they seem to still be crap- dont have anywhere near the range they used to.

  • Hi jc, you were two days too late for this work-around. On Feb 12th an update was finally pushed out for 360. One of fixes was re-balancing the 1887′s with Bling. It was already patched for PC and PS3.

  • you gouys are gamers get a life! Models Are Beast . Conversation Over!

  • the models were amazing if you want to play search with them you should have used marathon coldblooded and ninja. it sounds like it would have sucked but i clutched a game on rundown 1v5 with this class. i literally held off a fucking onslaught with my beaches and som good reaction time

  • I’m not happy to the 1887 get patched…You unlock it at high level..Normaly the 1887′s own spas..exemple??: AK-47 own the M4 carabine.(sorry if its bad explain..but i’m french)

  • the 1887 without akimbo still has its orginal range

  • the 1887 unlock within 2 hours of prestige and assuming that the player does prestige it doesnt present a problem as JHL said, the ak pwns the m4 but spas is actually better than 1887′s. this makes no sence as spas is a gun that you start the game with.

  • The Models got a second patch which fixed this. they now have the same range no matter what you put on them. and just because you unlock them at a high level dosent mean they should be 10x more powerful than everything else. some people enjoy being retards and dont prestige so eventually we would end up with entire servers of people trying to duke it out with whoever has the quicker reactions or the better connection coming out on top.

  • seriously? having to put bling to get immense range on a shogun was he best thing IW ever did for this game u now have to literally use it as a primary and u cant marathon lightweight rape with tem anymore plus if u ahve to get over 2 million exo jsut to get one gun then sure as hell it better be gud but no all the fucken 10 year old haters whined and fucked it up

  • the models kick ass they hav sick range and are truly the best shotgun. but 1st off one akimbo modle weights 34 pounds, how can one person carry 68 pounds and still be accurate secondly it is impossible for them to flip them around . my point being the gun is awesome, but unrealistic

  • Yeah, all the fucking losers out there who whine about video games fucked everything up (I mean seriously, are you fucking kidding me?)

    WHEN I GOT KILLED BY SOME GUY WITH 1887S, I DIDNT FUCKING WHINE. I just said “Damn. That’s a nice gun, I can’t wait to unlock it…”

    It was fun as fucking hell and now I literally don’t play anymore because the coolest weapon in the game got ruined because IW got ten million complaints from whining 10 year olds. Come on, the guns were unlocked at level 67! The gun SHOULD be incredible! I mean, a SHOTGUN unlocked at 3 levels before prestiging. Now the best shotgun is like the SPAS which every fucking noob can use.

    I admit, the 1887s were TOO good. Fine, nerf them a little, if it will make 5 million 10 year old kids stop bitching. But WHAT THE FUCK! Now theyre shittier than the Rangers! They should still be the best shotgun!

    I am very disappointed with the way IW handled this, and hope in the future they will amp them back up, just a little…

  • I hate the patched models because they are shorter range than SPAS 12 Before the shitty patch, MW2 was more fun, using models at long range and shooting an assault rifle’s shotgun attachment across the map. Now the shotgun attachment don’t have the fun anymore after patch. the shitty patch made the shotgun attachment have a lot shorter range on hardcore.

  • Man, i remember when it was fun to rape w/ these guns . after the patch , they got less range than the noob favorite rangers . I dont think they’re that nooby because you have to level up to 67 to unlock them, its just fair . Yes they’re incredibly cheap if your killed by them, but at level 67 you deserve it! besides, you shouldnt look at it as negative . if you get killed by them, why not think ” that gun rapes ,i gotta level up to use ‘em like that guy ” or ” i gotta step my game up if im getting raped by a secondary weapon ” . All of the millions of 10 year old noobs that bitched about the guns shouldnt even play , they ruined one of the main reasons i played MW2 .

  • alright if you ever want to play with me my gamertag is guess who I am2
    I say we should all complain about the other shotguns and maybe they will boost the models back to their former glory

  • i wish they would go back with the over powered 1887s they were awsome and they sent out the updadte right when I got them :( this really sucks.

    also if u play ps3 my gamertag is oateskater.

  • Damn Damn Damn them fucky whiners wtf is wrong with them the patch came out right when i got akimbo so bullshit

  • I prefer to use akimbo Rangers now too. Not quite as powerful as 1887s but they don’t seem to work for me as well since the patch. With rangers I can fire off two shots with one gun, and then it will be reloading while I use the other gun for the next two shots. Rinse and repeat.

  • damn i got the gmae last yr but didnt no they were patched they sound soo great b4

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