How-To Watch Any Video Podcast On Your Tivo

Through the use of third-party applications people have been streaming content to their Tivo’s so they could watch the content on their TV’s.  Now Tivo has the ability to play any video podcast on the internet without the need of running a single thing on another machine.  Although this feature has been out for some time there isn’t much talk on it around the Internet.  So I’m going to show you how to use it and what I like and dislike about video podcasts on the Tivo.

Watching and Subscribing to Built-In Podcasts
Tivo has a lot of popular video podcasts already built into the system for you to access. Just follow these steps: Continue reading ‘How-To Watch Any Video Podcast On Your Tivo’

Review Of Domino’s New Pizza Recipe

New Domino's Recipe Review

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Two days after Christmas Domino’s officially began selling pizzas made with their newly revamped recipe.  The marketing campaign boasts a better sauce, cheese and crust.  Although you might be interested in how it stacks up against the old recipe, you probably haven’t jumped at the opportunity.  Luckily for you, I have a taste for bad food, a lightning fast metabolism, and I’m a workout warrior who can burn anything off.  I put down two of these large pies so you wouldn’t have to and I’m ready to share my findings. Continue reading ‘Review Of Domino’s New Pizza Recipe’

MW2 Akimbo Model 1887 Patch Explanation And Work-Around

Akimbo Model 1887 MW2

If you’ve played Modern Warfare 2 online you’ve probably been in a lobby with Level 67-70 players, and have been absolutely owned by the double shotguns they run around with.  These are the Akimbo Model 1887′s and you’ve probably heard that they were patched to be less effective.  If you follow the scene you may have even heard that there is  a work-around to use the Akimbo Models as they were pre-patch.

In-game last night I was surprised by the number of people who were confused about this subject so I am going to set the record straight once and for all. Continue reading ‘MW2 Akimbo Model 1887 Patch Explanation And Work-Around’